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The development of textile industry

AUTHOR : Date : 5/18/2012 10:41:35 PM
In 2012, China's textile industrial main production index continue to achieve growth, but since the second half of 2011 the overall trend growth rate since the characteristics of present downlink. Related data showed that in 2012, the quarter, China's textile and apparel exports fell sharply growth, export quantity absolute reduced. Since 2012 China's textile and domestic output increased the proportion is the potential to continue, although sales growth fell back there are clear signs, but domestic market is still the primary support of the textile industry.
Since 2012, the international market overall downturn. The developed economies, Japan of clothes for low consumption, the eu needs atrophy, and were not significantly improve signs; Major emerging market needs are general downward trend presented. If no accident factors, expected in the second quarter of 2012 on, in the United States and emerging economies to lead, the global economy and international market is expected to present gradually stabilised trends;

As the debt solution can obtain more positive progress, it rose up well degree is expected to ascend.
In China, since 2012, with the income of urban and rural residents steady growth, our country clothes goods continue to expand domestic demand, but the actual growth over the significant decline. Among them, because food demand elasticity for low commodity prices high, weaken the actual purchasing power, squeezing out consumer spending, is a cause of since 2012

domestic demand growth of actual clothes of the decline of the important reasons. And over the years of continuous low opposite direction, the domestic dress kind of consumer price since 2011 continued rising, manifests the since 2011 textile materials market fluctuations have had an adverse effect of terminal consumption.

Plus investment by the macroeconomic regulation and control policy by insufficient foreign demand, export influence are restricted for slow, cause the macro economic growth downside, affecting the market confidence and lower consumer spending will, for clothes consumption of domestic demand have significant inhibitory effect.